Accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network!

Payment processor for restaurants and merchants.

How to

There are 4 simple steps to accept Bitcoin!



Register and confirm your email.


Create new coin register

In administration create new cashier. You can also enter the cashier name.


Open the coin register's address

Open the coin register's unique URL address on your device.


Accept Bitcoin

Input the price and display the QR code, which the customer pays.


A website with an easy-to-use form allows you to enter amounts in EUR and create Lightning Network payments from them with one click.

Show me the demo

Why use PayOffchain coin register?

Talk to us to find out, that accepting Bitcoin is great for you.

Low transaction fees

Only 0.5% transaction fees

No monthly fees

You only pay for what you actually use.

Instant payment

Thank to Lightning Network, the payment is settled instantly.

Monthly payout

The earnings are settled up on agreement, or monthly in BTC or EURO.


Open a channel to our node!

Help the network grow and benefit from 0 network fees.



Lightning network explorers


Would you like to receive Bitcoin payments or you have a question? Dont hesitate to contact us.